1 gram gold coin equal to 1 gram real gold
Crypto Gold
GramGold Coin is pegged to 1 gram of investment grade gold, it provides your investment with stability, flexibility, and a peace of mind.
Trust Built On Real Gold
gram gold coin ggc proof of asset

Proof Of Asset

For each gram of gold in the vault certificate, GGC is issued from a smart contract through our proof of asset mechanism.

ggc gram gold coin backed by real gold

Backed By Gold

GGC employs the "Gold Standard", meaning that each GGC is minted only when the correct respondent gold bullion is held in reserve.

ggc gold token scheduled audit

Scheduled Audits

We reveal scheduled audit results so you can continue to trust us in this unpredictable market.

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Buying Crypto Gold In A Smarter Way
The crypto market is a volatile one, we see hope along side desperation, that's why we all need a safer and more flexible asset class to help us through the journey.

Defense of Inflation

The scarcity of physical gold would effectively limit devaluation as compared to the devaluation issues that fiat money faces currently.

Ultimate Safe Haven

Gold has no credit risk and derives its worth from intrinsic value, its reputation for safety and stability made it a mainstay for investors.

Portfolio Diversification

Gold exhibits little or no correlation with most other asset classes, making it a powerful tool for asset diversification.

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gram gold coin is a Highly Secured gold token
Gold Reserved In Highly Secured & Independent Vault, Audited On Monthly Basis

Every single GGC is issued out of gold already purchased and held by a gold vault instead of crowdfunding from ideas and plans. We call our process "ICC", initial coin circulation instead of an ICO.

Live Audit Report
Vault Certificate
Vault Account # : 14328
Latest audit : 13 December, 2018
Leading In The Business Of Trust
We call ourselves the last line of defense in crypto.

Most of our competitors issue their tokens through ICOs with little circulation. Our GGC token circulates on the market starting from day one. Additionally, our GGC token has no holding cost, and for a limited time only we offer promotional airdrops.

gram gold coin is better than digix dgx or any other gold token
Our Roadmap
GGC continues to meet its high standards

Idea Formed

DEC 2017

Deploy GGC Smart Contract

JUL 2018
APR 2018

Strategic Investors Committed

Deploy GGC Smart Contract

JUL 2018
APR 2018

Strategic Investors Committed

ICC, Initial Coin Circulation

SEP 2018
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Built By The Best In Tech & Finance
ggc ceo thomas huang
ggc founder philip tsao
gramgold coin collaboration founder clode ku
gramgold coin collaboration founder allen hsu
gramgold coin collaboration team

The team is built by top tier finance professionals with an average 25+ years of experience, with knowledge in all aspects of the industry, we start the GGC initiative with a single purpose, to offer investors a peace of mind in this turbulent market.

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